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I am a change agent – a professional sustainability or Green Auditor who helps homeowners, businesses, communities and schools to live and work in ways that are environmentally sustainable. I use a Green Audit tool kit to show clients the inefficiencies that translate into wasted money and wasted resources. The low hanging fruit are mostly simple changes in behaviour but are not always easy to identify by yourself. Using return on investment calculations, clients are shown how changes that require paying for new lights, water heating, rain tanks or a range of technical efficiency measures can be paid off through the savings on reduced consumption. Going Green is a strategic approach that helps

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Best Environmental Awareness Videos

A list of must see clever, funny and serious environmental awareness videos covering a range of topics, incl. celebrating Nature, explaining Climate Change, Anti-Fracking the Karoo messages, the costs of Care – Less consumerism. Be an ostrich or grow your awareness.

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A Green Audit or Environmental Sustainability Audit!

Find out what a Green or Environmental Sustainability Audit is. How it is conducted and how it provides understanding and baseline measurements of energy and water consumption, the chemicals used, waste generation and carbon emissions so that participating businesses, households & communities can reduce their negative impacts on Earth.

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Your Green Office Journey & Checklist!

Cost saving and Eco-Postive Branding are strong motivations for a Green Business Journey. More important is an environmentally responsible way of working that sustains your business and your job into the future.

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Feedback from GAIA clients.

Thank-you for the professional manner in which the energy audit was carried out and the ongoing interaction which allowed us to introduce significant changes on a methodical basis.

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Garden Insects, Birds, Lizards & Co as Friends not Foe!

As our cities expand so displaced urban wildlife struggles to adapt and our gardens become sanctuaries for birds, bats, toads, lizards, snakes, small mammals, and a myriad of insects. Gardening with Nature’s creatures is about a little less manicure and a new way of looking at creature’s like wasps, toads and snakes which can be […]

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Can Consumer Conscience promote Green Business?

The spontaneous answer is Yes and No. Sounds frustratingly like political speak. No wonder the green sustainability journey feels more like an obstacle course than a sane path to a secure future. Some insight can be gained by unpacking the question of consumer influence. Re-Thinking Consumption a survey completed by the Regeneration Road Map Project […]

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Can Consumer Conscience promote Green Business?

Awareness about environmental issues is at an all time high but corresponding green action is still low. What is the Role of the Consumer in an Environmentally Sustainable Economy and which types of consumers are more or less likely to respond to Green Brands?

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Survive Load Shedding at Work & Home

Load shedding as a result of electricity demand exceeding supply may be a real. Prepare yourself with strategies and technology for surviving power outages and get the load shedding schedule for Cape Town in 2013.

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Nature – Landscapes for our Souls

The magic of natural landscapes is an invisible apron string that tugs at our heart and stirs our soul. Most of us need to belong not just to people but also to place. ..

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