Cape Town must register all SSEG, PV, wind generation

Cape Town is determined to regulate ALL renewable energy systems, whether grid tied or not. Register your SSEG system by 28 February 2019 to avoid a penalty.

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Packaging industry Plan to stop pollution

SA is the 11th worst polluter of the sea, Now Packaging SA has drafted a plan to reduce pollution and increase recycling. How can they be held accountable?

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Capetonians query huge water & electricity increases

CAPE TOWN 2018 – 19 WATER & ELECTRICITY TARIFFS SHOCK makes City less affordable . Service delivery & tariffs need to be reassessed & involve citizens.

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Drought Charge scrapped. City replies to objectors

Objectors to Drought Charge receive comprehensive response from City of Cape Town. Will new normal include higher water tariffs even after this drought?

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How to read new Cape Town smart Water Demand Meters

CT is installing water demand meters, WMDs, to curb high consumption. A leak detection function & consumption log, helps monitor consumption. How to read it?

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Community Co-operation in a Water Crisis beats Chaos

Build resilience and support structures with a Community Water Co-operation Plan that sets out steps to develop a local community response to the water crisis.

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Choose to reduce or Day Zero will be devastating.

If we think seriously about Day Zero, we can’t let it happen. Day Zero cannot be our choice while we can choose to reduce consumption & slow dam level decline.

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Cape Town Water Pipe Burst – flood in a drought!

Burst pipe leads to Kilolitres of precious water flowing away for hours. City should empower appointed local residents to switch off street mains.

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Flush less & avoid poop- pile ups in a drought!

To save water we are flushing less – so how do we avoid poop- pile ups and sewer-cide? Options include: Go Greek, Go Wild, Go Off- Grid.

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Plastic shopping bags – the CON in Convenient!

Why is it so hard for retailers to do the right thing & provide 100% recyclable plastic shopping bags made from recycled plastic? So far only Checkers has!

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