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Water is Life – Sanitation is Dignity.
Ecosan Cape is a (Pty) Ltd business that specialises in sustainable sanitation solutions for two of society’s most basic needs – clean drinking water and hygienic, dignified waste management practices.
Ecosan Cape has the sole distribution rights in the Western and Eastern Cape for the Ecosan Waterless Toilet system, and the official distribution rights in the Western Cape for SAFE WATER™ the 0 % chlorine, water purifier. Both are locally manufactured products.
The certified Ecosan waterless toilet is a chemical-free, self-contained, closed-loop sanitation system which uses the natural processes of desiccation through ventilation, and time. With correct use, the human excreta are dried out over a period of a few months resulting in a pathogen-free, compost like material, dry enough to use as fertilizer in the soil.
There is no water or electricity required, no plumbing involved and no pipes. It is a robust, free-standing, factory assembled unit made of recycled polyethylene that can be installed indoors or outdoors. It is completely mobile and durable, easily relocated as and when required.
Designed for normal use by 6 to 8 persons per day, one unit will suit large families or small office environments, with the reusable bag needing emptying only once every few months.
It has been tested by the CSIR and certified by SABS. Ecosan is also one of the waterless Sanitation Solutions ‘passed’ as market-ready by the South African Water Research Commission (WRC) during 2015.

Safe Water is a powder used as a point of source water purifier. It is pre-packaged in the appropriate dosage for immediate application; 3.5g sachets to treat 25l of water and 700g bags to treat 5000l of water. It is oxygen-based and does not contain chlorine, only mineral salts and flocculants to neutralise pathogens. It remains active for a month and has been tested by the CSIR.

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