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Kelloggs Cornflakes in SA not GMO free

Kellogg’s Cornflakes porridge still not labelled as GMO but at the admission of Kellogg SA `possibly’ contains GMO maize. As Kellogg has not committed to sourcing maize free of GMOs you can bet your breakfast that it is a rich source of GMOs with the associated risks for health and food security.

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Cape Town Eco Film Festival @ Labia 27-31 March

Cape Town Eco Film Festival to screen 25 of the best local & international documentaries on environmental issues to Cape Town including 10 that have never been seen in South Africa. From fracking to GMOs, organic food, hemp, the transition movement, bees and bicycling, there is something for everyone with an informed head and compassionate heart.

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Leopard Toadlet Research at Clovelly Country Club Golf Course

Leopard Toadlet monitoring at Toad breeding ponds on the Clovelly Country Club golf course provide clues about when, where and how many of the elusive toadlets emerge from the water features into Toadhood.

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Fynbos for Foodies at Good Hope Gardens

Rediscover Fynbos as food, as refreshing flavouring agents and as health tonics. Roushanna and Gael of Good Hope Gardens join a growing host of gifted and energetic people who are exploring and sharing the opportunities provided by our fynbos wealth.

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Boomslang Treetop Canopy Walk for Kirstenbosch’s Enchanted Forest

Imagine what it would be like to walk within the canopy of an enchanted forest and to experience life in the tree tops. SANBI & the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens imagined just that . `The Boomslang’ Treetop Canopy Walk opening in November 2013 promises to be an exciting new experience at Kirstenbosch.

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Nature – Landscapes for our Souls

The magic of natural landscapes is an invisible apron string that tugs at our heart and stirs our soul. Most of us need to belong not just to people but also to place. ..

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