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AUW 2017 Seedling energy & water projects with impact

AUW 2017 showcases innovative small scale water & electricity technologies that offer new models for localised service delivery,

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Jenny Cullinan’s Bee Line Art Celebrates Wild Bees

Arranged in an orderly non-alignment at the entrance to the Bee Line Art Exhibition was a collection of quirky blocks  of wood each sporting a tin roof. The polished walls with neat yet random holes represented something!  But what?  A town for solitary bees? Miniature blocks of flats where each hole is a potential home?  […]

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Saving water creatively: a celebration of resilience.

While many households are panicking about surviving the serious water restrictions, Pat and Gerda’s home in Cape Town is a celebration of being water wise.

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Step by Step: Audit for Environment Sustainability.

Step by Step through an Audit for Environment Sustainability. ID the scope. Whose on your team? Background information to grow forward.

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Home Energy Audit – 20 Questions Efficiency Quiz!

The 20 Questions Energy Efficiency Quiz will start your DIY Home Energy Audit. Also record your monthly kWhs / electricity units to get a consumption baseline.

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Renewables vs Nuclear – choose a legacy!

nuclear or renewables is much more than choosing an energy option. It is a choice between divergent socio-economic opportunities and the consequent legacies.

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World Environment Day 2016 McPlanet Cartoon

World Environment day 2016 cartoon depicting unsustainable consumerism. Live as if every day is Earth Day for a viable, life supporting Earth every day into the future.

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SAFCEI Invite Beyond Nuclear with Kumi Naidoo et al

SAFCEI’s fundraising breakfast on 23 May, CT. Listen to updates on nuclear with RE as real alternatives. Speakers Kumi Naidoo, Davin Chown & Nik Rabinowitz .

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People’s Climate March 2015! Now what?

The 2015 Peoples Climate March is over. `Earth is set to evict us for bad behaviour’. We cannot wait for the politicians. Change will have to come from us!

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Kumi Naidoo of Greenpeace on Role of Faith Communities

Without the faith communities, society won’t mobilize enough citizens to move politicians to act on climate change at COP 21 in Paris: Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace.

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