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Lifeline Electricity Tariff: Benefits & Who qualifies

The Lifeline electricity tariff is a subsidised tariff aimed at providing support to low income households. What are the tariff benefits and who qualifies?

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African Utilities Week 2016 – key ideas!

Dr Kandeh Yumkella, UN Under-Secretary-General: “… the best way to predict the future is to create it.” Let’s make Renewable Energy an African Revolution!

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Kodak’s message for ESKOM – adapt or die?

Does Kodak’s demise have lessons for power utilities? Kodak didn’t recognize the impact of digital cameras. Will ESKOM see the game changing role of renewables?

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Cape Town Domestic Electricity 2016 -new service fee

2016/17 Cape Town residential electricity tariffs include a new Home User tariff with a monthly service fee irrespective of how much electricity you use.

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Electricity – a pro-active role for municipalities!

A role for municipalities in generating & distributing electricity – Issues appear to be political rather than regulatory & financial rather than technical?

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NERSA grants ESKOM a 9.4% electricity price increase for 2016

NERSA the National Energy Regulator has announced a 9.4% tariff increase for ESKOM. Less than the 16% ESKOM applied for but still well above the consumer price index. Bad energy planning and political interference is costing us too much.

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Counter Electricity prices with Energy Efficiency.

Do you understand your electricity tariff? Are you battling to get a measure of your electricity consumption and buy in from your family to be energy efficient? Email Kim at Green Audits for a quote.

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Cape Town defends July 2015 electricity prices

Responding to numerous letters objecting to above inflation electricity price increases for 2015/16 the City of Cape Town replied at length

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Transitioning to renewables – Hessequa Energy Summit

The Hessequa Energy Summit held in Stilbaai in July2015 looked at the challenges and solutions for local authorities wanting to become renewable energy suppliers.

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Omissions in SA nuclear plan but Government proceeds.

SA Nuclear Program. Questions & answers at Parliamentary Committee on Energy briefing reveal serious omissions but governments determination to proceed.

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