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ESKOM needs restructure not 25% tariff increase

ESKOM’s structural problems are wider & deeper than the pockets of South African electricity consumers. Detailed objections to NERSA re ESKOM’s 25% tariff increase.

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Renewable Energy for Africa. What’s the holdup?

Renewable energy requires a new approach: multisource, localized, private public partnerships that embrace smart technology to capture energy & manage demand

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Renewable energy for progress – African Utilities Week 2015

Tapping into the abundant opportunities that renewable energy provides requires a restructuring of electricity services. Not just technically, but socio-politically. Is Africa up to this?

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Cape Town Residential Electricity Tariffs 2015 /16 explained

Watts-up with electricity tariffs in Cape Town and what will you be paying?   The 2015/16 draft residential electricity tariffs explained. These come into effect on 1 July 2015.  For the 2016 /17 tariff which come into effect on 1 July 2016 go to: The increasing cost of electricity reflected in tariff hikes each […]

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Nuclear Power is big, bad news for South Africa

The government’s determination to build nuclear power stations regardless of the cheaper and environmentally risk free alternatives demonstrates political, not economically rational motives.

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Residential Renewable Energy for Cape Town to be or not to be!

Small Scale Energy Generation & implications for residential PV – notes on webinar hosted by Brian Jones Head of Green Energy of City of Cape Town 11 09 2014 .

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DIY Energy Efficiency at Home!

The good news is that once you understand the where and how of your electricity use it is quite do’ able to switch to energy efficient behaviour. As a result our electricity costs us LESS now than it did 6 years ago. Read about our energy saving tips.

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