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Home Energy Audit – 20 Questions Efficiency Quiz!

The 20 Questions Energy Efficiency Quiz will start your DIY Home Energy Audit. Also record your monthly kWhs / electricity units to get a consumption baseline.

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Counter Electricity prices with Energy Efficiency.

Do you understand your electricity tariff? Are you battling to get a measure of your electricity consumption and buy in from your family to be energy efficient? Email Kim at Green Audits for a quote.

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Cape Town Electricity Load Shedding Schedule

Eskom is in serious trouble and sadly not telling the whole story when it comes to the reasons for maintenance and unexpected failures.   So now we are in level 2  on the load shedding.  And we can expect to move up and down the load shedding schedule based on how critical maintenance is until […]

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Survive Load Shedding at Work & Home

Load shedding as a result of electricity demand exceeding supply may be a real. Prepare yourself with strategies and technology for surviving power outages and get the load shedding schedule for Cape Town in 2013.

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