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Plastic shopping bags – the CON in Convenient!

Why is it so hard for retailers to do the right thing & provide 100% recyclable plastic shopping bags made from recycled plastic? So far only Checkers has!

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In spite of recycle messages our recycler has to send these shopping bags to landfill..

Plastic bags – the CON in Convenient!

Billions of plastic shopping bags made & branded for retailers are used once, then dumped. Why don’t retailers to do the right thing & supply recyclable bags?

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Retailers key to recyclable plastic shopping bags!

Retailers are the key to recyclable shopping bags with the power to set environmental standards in keeping with their recycling logos. Why don’t they?

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Shopping bag survey supports ban of plastic bags

As part of its Rethink the Bag initiative, the Two Oceans Aquarium ran a survey at a number of SPAR retailers in Cape Town.  Waste Reduction – Far South volunteers ran the survey on behalf of Two Oceans at the Valyland SPAR in Fish Hoek.  The results showed overwhelming support for re-useable shopping bags and […]

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Recycle logos but shopping bags dumped! No to bags!

Recycle messages on plastic shopping bags are misleading. Most are not recycled due to an additive. Stop buying bags. Help call to ban non recyclables.

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False Bay Recyclers upcycle phone directories to art

False Bay Recycling initiated a craft from recyclables initiative & is ready to market beautiful place mats, coasters, roses, wall hangings & African dolls.

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What Plastics are Recyclable – look at polymer ID no!

Now you CAN identify plastic packaging and avoid non-recyclable plastic. The Plastic Packaging industry introduced a Plastic / Polymer Identity Code to make it easier to identify plastics.

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Avoidance, Re- use & Upcycling are the new Green of Recycling

Avoidance, Re- use and Upcycling are the new Green of Recycling with avoidance being the DARK Green. The options for new business based on used are stuff as wide as an entrepreneur’s imagination – but depend on us recycling rather than dumping. See a list of `recyclables’.

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