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Greater Efficiency not Desalination to Save Cape Town

Why isn’t Cape Town exploring desalination?

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How to read your water meter?

Confused by dials and digits representing tens to thousands of water litres. Read more to understand how to read your water meter.

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Level 3B water restrictions as dam levels drop

Stricter water savings to lower consumption so our dams aren’t sucked dry before the rains means more restrictions & stricter enforcement of top consumers.

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Cape Town Water restrictions – Answers to questions

Getting hotter under the collar trying to find out about level 3 water restriction rules, look at the FAQ. Also, frail people can apply to use a hose.

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Saving water creatively: a celebration of resilience.

While many households are panicking about surviving the serious water restrictions, Pat and Gerda’s home in Cape Town is a celebration of being water wise.

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High water restriction prices for Cape Town: Dec 2016

Cape Town has to turn water woes into becoming water wise. New punitive price increases aim to fast track water saving compliance targeted at 20 -30%.

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More Water restrictions & price hikes for Cape Town !

Cape Town has little choice but to implement stringent water efficiency and savings mechanisms, including price hikes in Nov 2016. How will this affect you?

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Save Water, Live Sustainably & Build Resilience.

Water saving tips that have reduced our bill dramatically from an upper middle income household of four, Mom, Dad, two adult children, guinea pigs, indigenous trees and a veggie garden.

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