Counter Electricity prices with Energy Efficiency.

As the National Energy Regulator of South Africa considers the public objections to ESKOM’s latest application for a 16 % electricity price hike, it is time for households to `Know their own Power’.   ESKOM’s approved increase for 2016/17 is 8%.   We do not know if NERSA will support ESKOM’s application for 16% or acknowledge the calls by the public and business not to support ESKOM’s application.  Remember when ESKOM pleaded for an increase in 2015 the electricity went up by 14.68%.  We do know that electricity prices will carry on increasing –  because of the increasing cost of supply as well as inefficient management and political interference.  Now more than ever it is time to understand the electricity tariff you are on and what is consuming Watts in your home.  Do you know how best to manage your electricity consumption to save rands and watts? Do you know what the alternatives are?

Answer the 20 Questions Energy Efficiency Quiz and start your DIY Home Energy Audit.  The answers will point you to the actions you need to take to reduce your electricity consumption.  Click here for the Quiz.

Also click here for an ESKOM fact sheet then  [PDF]1203_ESKD_10% Trimming Brochure.indd – saretec

which shows you which appliances use the most electricity and how you can reduce consumption with no to low cost changes. Know your Power ESKOMs efficiency fact sheet

If you do not understand your tariff or you are battling to get a measure of your electricity consumption and buy in from the family to be energy efficient, then email for a quote.

Kim Kruyshaar January 2016

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