Nature – Landscapes for our Souls

The magic of natural landscapes is an invisible apron string that tugs at our heart and stirs ourKaroo Sunset by landscape photographer Nick Cadle soul. Hundreds of years of striving to tame Nature, of building technologies to counter uncomfortable climes, of boxing ourselves into cities, of playing safe have frayed the bond. Still we celebrate sunsets, wish on shooting stars, find sanctity under ancient trees, clear our cluttered minds with the sounds of the sea and find focus in hikes away from cities.

Most of us need to belong not just to people but also to place. 

To landscapes that provide us with the proof of time before us and the surety of time beyond.

To natural spaces with familiar constants that provide an anchor in a revolving world of overpopulation, possessions and politics.

To places alive with magic and mystery.

To ecosystems full of adventure, new discoveries and reminders that we also share an Ubuntu with Nature – because of you I exist.  kayaking around Cape Point

Our highly competitive economy powered by evolving technological skill has shifted the focus of many of us from meeting needs to manufacturing wants.  It has allowed us to treat Nature simply as a warehouse of resources.  And for many of us our search for the missing sense of place or struggle to find contentment is substituted by increasingly sophisticated material `needs’.  So many wants disguised as needs. They provide superficial satisfaction and a time consuming distraction resulting in a search for more…

Most of us need to belong not just to people but also to place. 

KimK 8 July 2013Nessie at Nature's Valley by Nick Cadle  31 dec 2012 g275

Karoo Sunset photo by Landscape Photographer Nick Cadle

`Nessie’ on Nature’s Valley Beach by Landscape Photographer Nick CadleNick Cadle

Kayaking at Cape Point by Kim Kruyshaar


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    Exquisite photographs, Kim!

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