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27% Electricity hike for ESKOM in 2018. Say NO!

Say no to ESKOM’s application for a 19% – 27% increase in the price of electricity – An acknowledgement that ESKOM can no longer provide an affordable service.

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Cheaper Renewables disrupt old ‘ESKOM’ model

Repeated above CPI increases in the price of electricity is not sustainable. RE can stabilize electricity costs. Needs involved consumers & new delivery model.

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Cape Town Residential Electricity Tariffs 2015 /16 explained

Watts-up with electricity tariffs in Cape Town and what will you be paying?   The 2015/16 draft residential electricity tariffs explained. These come into effect on 1 July 2015.  For the 2016 /17 tariff which come into effect on 1 July 2016 go to: http://greenaudits.co.za/cape-town-domestic-electricity-2016-new-service-fee/ The increasing cost of electricity reflected in tariff hikes each […]

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