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DIY Energy Efficiency at Home!

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The good news is that once you understand the where and how of your electricity use it is quite do’ able to switch to energy efficient behaviour. As a result our electricity costs us LESS now than it did 6 years ago. Read about our energy saving tips.

Best Environmental Awareness Videos

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A list of must see clever, funny and serious environmental awareness videos covering a range of topics, incl. celebrating Nature, explaining Climate Change, Anti-Fracking the Karoo messages, the costs of Care - Less consumerism. Be an ostrich or grow your awareness.

A Green Audit or Environmental Sustainability Audit!

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Find out what a Green or Environmental Sustainability Audit is. How it is conducted and how it provides understanding and baseline measurements of energy and water consumption, the chemicals used, waste generation and carbon emissions so that participating businesses, households & communities can reduce their negative impacts on Earth.

Garden Insects, Birds, Lizards & Co as Friends not Foe!

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Spotted Eagle Owl overdaying in my garden. As our cities expand so displaced urban wildlife struggles to adapt and our gardens become sanctuaries for birds, bats, toads, lizards, snakes, small mammals, and a myriad of insects. Gardening with Nature’s creatures is about a little less manicure and a new way of looking at creature’s [...]

Can Consumer Conscience promote Green Business?

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The spontaneous answer is Yes and No. Sounds frustratingly like political speak. No wonder the green sustainability journey feels more like an obstacle course than a sane path to a secure future. Some insight can be gained by unpacking the question of consumer influence. Re-Thinking Consumption a survey completed by the Regeneration Road Map Project in [...]