Well it seems that Kelloggs are one of the companies that treats us as consumers rather than as citizens with the right to know what we are eating.  See the correspondence from their Customer Affairs below effectively stating that although their products are not labelled as such they probably contain GMO maize.  

Since finding out that Pronutro has a high GMO content (maize and soy), I have been looking for a new at least half way healthy breakfast cereal for my kids.  While corresponding with Kellogg SA last year, I had been informed that their cornflakes were GM free – strange I thought – as about 80% of South African maize is genetically modified.   However, as the cornflakes were not labelled contains GMO I gave Kelloggs the benefit of the doubt.   My kids found a new product Kelloggs Cornflakes Porridge which we have tried as once again there was no Contains GMO maize label

email from Kelloggs SA  dated 11 March 2014

Thank you for contacting us again.   As previously mentioned, Kellogg South Africa, like other industries, sources from the open trade and as such there is a possibility that our maize-containing products contain GMO ingredients. Tests which were conducted with independent approved laboratories, for the presence of GMO have showed varied results.

Should you prefer an alternative, all of our wheat, rice and bran-based products are GMO-free. The health and safety of our foods is of the utmost importance to us, and we will continue to actively monitor the science, regulations and our consumers’ preferences on this topic.

Leading health organisations such as the  World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), Codex Alimentarius and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) still conclude that GMOs are safe.

Kind Regards,

Consumer Affairs

for more information of GMOs in our food and the role of our supermarkets in selling foods containing GMO s go to: https://greenaudits.co.za/gmo-foods-what-is-the-role-of-our-supermarkets/