The cost, supply and risks of generating electricity is becoming increasingly personal. On the up side more homes, businesses and industries are investing in a range of renewable energy options – made more accessible by improved and affordable technology.  On the down side, the Dept of Energy’s proposals to contract foreign companies to build new nuclear energy with the huge economic, social and environmental risks and costs to the country are likely to affect all of us very personally. 

South Africa has a wealth of renewable energy resources.  Our generation capacity from new wind, solar and solar thermal with energy storage is increasing rapidly as new plants are being rolled out on time and at cost (no budget over-runs).

What about electrical base load supply –  the traditional justification for massive scale coal and nuclear?  Smart technologies including monitoring, metering and shifting time of use of electricity is replacing centralized base load.  It involves a shift of power – literally and figuratively –  from huge centralized energy generation to regional and local generation options with direct consumer involvement.

For a succinct and current statement on the issues and alternatives to the nuclear route watch and share this News 24 video below.

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What can you do?  Support a High Court application aimed at ensuring that the procurement of nuclear power plants does not occur in a corrupt or otherwise unlawful fashion.  SAFCEI’s lawyers have engaged with the Minister of Energy, about both the financial plan and the agreements signed between the Dept of Energy and foreign nuclear partners and have not been given this information which should be for the public record.  Now SAFCEI (Southern African Faith Communities Environmental Institute) in partnership with environmental organisation Earthlife Africa Johannesburg, has briefed our legal team.  They are asking for everyone’s help to raise 1.5 million to prepare and run a court case.  Because government is rushing to sign procurement deals, we need to raise the money now! We ask for your contributions – the smallest donations are welcome. Every rand counts!



KimK 25 September 2015

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