DSCN0073Two of the sorters at False Bay Recycling have turned losing their jobs into an art from recyclables opportunity. With a crafter’s touch Constance Dubula and Babalwa Nkosiyedwa roll, fold and paint the fine pages of telephone directories to make a range of original décor.  When False Bay Recycling lost the City of Cape Town contract to separate the recyclables collected from households in the Far South Peninsula the sorters who worked there had to be retrenched.  Constance and Babalwa asked Yolanda Valentine who runs False Bay Recycling with her brother about opportunities to upcycle material to create art.  With Yolanda’s support they looked at ideas, tested designs and are now ready to market a range of beautifully made placemats, coasters, roses, proteas, rosette wall hangings and their elegant African dolls. They are ready to take orders in a range of colours including festive gold and silver and the natural pastels of the original paper.

rosette wall hangingplacemats & coasters naturalFalse Bay Recycling gold & silver place matsThey believe their dolls especially will appeal to the tourist market and are hoping that local B&Bs and art and craft outlets will help them market their art.  The placemats are practical gifts and along with the roses and rosette wall hanging they are idea for events and celebrations.

DSCN0077 (2)Help these enterprising women market their products by passing on their story, by offering to showcase their work and by buying their products. The prices are:

African Dolls – R100 each

Hanging rosette – R130 each

Coaster (set of 6) – R60

Place mats (set of 6) – R120

Roses – R20 each


For more information contact:  Yolanda Valentine on 083 2733080