As part of its Rethink the Bag initiative, the Two Oceans Aquarium ran a survey at a number of SPAR retailers in Cape Town.  Waste Reduction – Far South volunteers ran the survey on behalf of Two Oceans at the Valyland SPAR in Fish Hoek.  The results showed overwhelming support for re-useable shopping bags and a ban on single use plastic shopping bags.

It asks Spar shoppers three questions with yes /no answers to survey their views on shopping bags. The questions are:

  1. Would you continue to shop at Valyland SPAR if they no longer provided plastic shopping bags, meaning you would have to bring your own reusable bags? Responses: YES 92.21%  NO 7.79%
  2. Would the fact that a retailer does NOT provide plastic shopping bags encourage you to support them? Responses: YES 73.28%  NO 26.72%
  3. Would you support a total plastic shopping bag ban in South Africa. Responses: YES 85.17%  NO 14.83%.

Thank you to Valyland SPAR for letting us survey their shoppers and to the people who volunteered to survey shoppers and to distribute the online survey. 


The week of 3-9 July is international Plastic Free Week.  Please support plastic free week by making a conscious choice to reduce the amount of plastic packaging you use.  Start by taking your own re-usable bags with when you go shopping. 

The Far South Peninsula Community Forum has written to Min. Edna Molewa calling on her to use her authority as minister of Environmental Affairs to BAN NON- RECYCLABLE SHOPPING BAGS.  Please consider endorsing this call by emailing Min. Molewa.  Click on link for copy of letter.

2017 06 ban non recyclable plastic bags letter to DEA

 Kim Kruyshaar June 2017