Water pipe bursts are not uncommon in Clovelly our `middle aged’ Cape Town suburb with aging infrastructure.  Contrary to popular complaint, the City’s sanitation crew usually arrive within an hour or two to switch off the water and then return equipped to do repairs.  Today thousands of kilolitres of precious water ran down the street for four hours before 2018 GAIA water pipe burst in Cape Townthe main supply was turned off.   Disastrously long when Cape Town is in the death throes of a 100+ year drought!!!  This begs a question we have asked the City often!  Why can’t a responsible retired neighbour or a local plumber be authorised to switch off the water mains in the street affected by the pipe burst?

Dismay at the sight of kilolitres of the water we had denied ourselves with short showers and desiccated gardens turned into a frenzy of activity as neighbours poured into the street to fill buckets with water for shrivelled gardens.  A retired engineer quickly connected a submersible pump to lengths of hose and piped some of the 2018 GAIA street shower with water from pipe burst in Cape Town droughtwater into nearby gardens, while others enjoyed a street shower.  My first shower this week quipped one.

Alert the City as soon as you see a water pipe burst on the dedicated SMS number: 31373. Remember to give the street address of the burst pipe. 

Kim Kruyshaar 17 January 2018