SAFCEI, the Southern African Faith Communities Environmental Institute commissioned a step by step user friendly Eco – Audit Guide.  Written to encourage people of all faiths to use electricity (energy) and water efficiently and to minimize waste the guide offers a detailed process to reduce our impact on the Earth.   The steps and tools in the Eco- Audit Guide can be applied to your home, business and community and faith complex.   Doing an audit of our consumption and then prioritizing efficiency actions are key steps to living in a better balance with Nature’s ability to provide us with resources.

Ask yourself two questions:

Is my continued well being, with access to clean air, water, uncontaminated food and access to opportunities to flourish, linked to the well being of the entire web of life?   Then!

What am I doing to ensure that the Earth’s well being is not compromised by my needs and wants?  Humans need to fast track behaviour that is restorative.  SAFCEI calls this Earth Keeping

To access the SAFCEI Eco-Audit  Booklet to start your journey to living in a better balance with Nature, click on the link: SAFCEI Eco-audit booklet final