There are climate science denialists with business as usual agendas. Then there are climate scientists and a range of people fascinated by science and mathematical modelling who are questioning the IPCC’s science and predictions. For me these challenges are reminders that – as clever as we are – we can’t attain mathematical certainty. To believe that we can accurately model all the significant parameters, and know how to weight them, is more of a statement about our arrogance than our intelligence.  

What is certain is that all the significant actions that we need take to address Climate Change mitigation and adaption are the actions we need to take anyway to ensure the wellbeing of humanity today and going into the future.  Apart from GHG emissions, fossil fuel extraction and combustion have direct devastating impacts on the environment as well as the health and wellbeing of local communities.  Add to these concerns, global oil wars!!!  Furthermore, a switch to Renewables is inevitable as we are running out of affordably extractable oil, gas and even coal. 

I am not debunking Climate Science, but let’s not die talking. 

Every day I see the impacts of modern consumer lifestyles. We need to stop talking and start walking the path of sustainability, using renewable energy and rehabilitating the web of life. 

Fossil fuel powers the dominant economic model based on material growth.  We need to power down materialism and power up rehabilitation of devastated habitats and relearn how to value community and the web of life.  Kate Raworth’s donut graph shows clearly where over-exploitation is exceeding the Earth’s carrying capacity.  














I would rather focus personal energy on reducing my eco-footprint and sharing and learning with others how to do this.  Click here to measure your Eco-Footprint.

Also join concerned citizens and lobby for an economic model that does not pollute our water, air, soil and the biodiversity (think bees for a start) that is essential to our wellbeing. 

This is stuff YOU and I can do!  I can’t evaluate if the science about a pending Grand Solar Minimum will counter the warming from GHGs. Nor whether when the N Hemisphere ice melts sufficiently the pump for the Gulf Stream will stop and cause a European Ice Age. That’s too uncertain for me.

Viva the Climate Strike on 20 September and beyond!

What is certain is that the Climate Change movement is waking people up to the systemic problems in our environmentally unsustainable economy, our captured political system that answers to Big Business and our worship of consumerism at the cost of Nature. What if the Climate Change movement is wrong and we make the world a better place by being more in tune with the Earth’ s natural carrying capacity? We will be healthier and happier.  I will drink to that!

Kim Kruyshaar 12 September 2019

Following COP 2009 in Copenhagen, British comedian Marcus Brigstocke wrote a poem in the style of the late Dr Seuss lamenting too much talk and too little climate change action.  Click on the link to read the poem: