This PowerPoint presentation, link below, focusses on understanding the need for energy efficiency and ecosystem boundaries when choosing alternative energy sources. It was part of a training webinar for the Southern African Faith Leaders Environmental Institute.  However, the message is relevant to all who realize that society is in an necessary energy transition from non-renewable and polluting fossil fuel to renewable energy alternatives.  The focus of the webinar was on supporting rural communities to invest their human energy in appropriate technology and energy efficiency. Yet, the message to live in ways that our individual energy demands are in balance with Nature’s ability to provide and to absorb the waste we generate is relevant to everyone.

Cash Rich or Cash Poor – the Earth has limits, so called ecosystem boundaries, to the resources it can provide. Even Renewable Energy is built with technologies using non-renewable metals.  A transition to so-called clean green energy requires energy efficiency from all of us.  It also requires that the material chains supplying renewable energy are ethical and transparent. A world in which lithium wars replace oil wars will not be a better world for all.

Click on this link for the presentation:   2021 06 ENERGY ECO-FOOTPRINT TRAINING – ENERGY

For a detailed DIY guide to measuring and managing your Energy, Water and Waste go to: Microsoft Word – 2018 07 12 SAFCEI Eco-audit booklet final (Autosaved).docx (

KimK 24 June 2021