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Mother’s day reflections- the future of our children and the Earth

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Today on Mother’s Day in Cape Town, a sunny autumn day full of birdsong and late harvest vegetables waiting to be picked, my thoughts are drawn to the Mother of all – Mother Nature. What future awaits my children, nurtured to the best of my ability on a Planet compromised by human demands? We are part [...]

AUW 2017 Seedling energy & water projects with impact

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AUW 2017 showcases innovative small scale water & electricity technologies that offer new models for localised service delivery,

Jenny Cullinan’s Bee Line Art Celebrates Wild Bees

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Arranged in an orderly non-alignment at the entrance to the Bee Line Art Exhibition was a collection of quirky blocks  of wood each sporting a tin roof. The polished walls with neat yet random holes represented something!  But what?  A town for solitary bees? Miniature blocks of flats where each hole is a potential home?  YES! [...]

Step by Step: Audit for Environment Sustainability.

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Step by Step through an Audit for Environment Sustainability. ID the scope. Whose on your team? Background information to grow forward.

Home Energy Audit – 20 Questions Efficiency Quiz!

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The 20 Questions Energy Efficiency Quiz will start your DIY Home Energy Audit. Also record your monthly kWhs / electricity units to get a consumption baseline.

Renewables vs Nuclear – choose a legacy!

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nuclear or renewables is much more than choosing an energy option. It is a choice between divergent socio-economic opportunities and the consequent legacies.