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Cape Town Drought has lessons for Climate Change

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There are clear parallels between Cape Town’s Drought crisis and the Climate Change crisis. YES! We can is the biggest positive message from the drought for Climate Action. But we need to act now!!  Calls for behavioural, regulatory and technology changes to reduce GHG emissions are ramping up as we experience the highest global temperatures and [...]

Mother’s day reflections- the future of our children and the Earth

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Today on Mother’s Day in Cape Town, a sunny autumn day full of birdsong and late harvest vegetables waiting to be picked, my thoughts are drawn to the Mother of all – Mother Nature. What future awaits my children, nurtured to the best of my ability on a Planet compromised by human demands? We are part [...]

AUW 2017 Seedling energy & water projects with impact

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AUW 2017 showcases innovative small scale water & electricity technologies that offer new models for localised service delivery,

Jenny Cullinan’s Bee Line Art Celebrates Wild Bees

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Arranged in an orderly non-alignment at the entrance to the Bee Line Art Exhibition was a collection of quirky blocks  of wood each sporting a tin roof. The polished walls with neat yet random holes represented something!  But what?  A town for solitary bees? Miniature blocks of flats where each hole is a potential home?  YES! [...]

Step by Step: Audit for Environment Sustainability.

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Step by Step through an Audit for Environment Sustainability. ID the scope. Whose on your team? Background information to grow forward.

Home Energy Audit – 20 Questions Efficiency Quiz!

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The 20 Questions Energy Efficiency Quiz will start your DIY Home Energy Audit. Also record your monthly kWhs / electricity units to get a consumption baseline.