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Home Energy Audit – 20 Questions Efficiency Quiz!

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The 20 Questions Energy Efficiency Quiz will start your DIY Home Energy Audit. Also record your monthly kWhs / electricity units to get a consumption baseline.

Renewables vs Nuclear – choose a legacy!

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nuclear or renewables is much more than choosing an energy option. It is a choice between divergent socio-economic opportunities and the consequent legacies.

World Environment Day 2016 McPlanet Cartoon

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World Environment day cartoon depicting unsustainable consumerism. Live as if every day is Earth Day for a viable, life supporting Earth every day into the future.

People’s Climate March 2015! Now what?

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The 2015 Peoples Climate March is over. `Earth is set to evict us for bad behaviour’. We cannot wait for the politicians. Change will have to come from us!

Renewable Energy for Africa. What’s the holdup?

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Renewable energy requires a new approach: multisource, localized, private public partnerships that embrace smart technology to capture energy & manage demand

Fynbos for Foodies at Good Hope Gardens

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Rediscover Fynbos as food, as refreshing flavouring agents and as health tonics. Roushanna and Gael of Good Hope Gardens join a growing host of gifted and energetic people who are exploring and sharing the opportunities provided by our fynbos wealth.