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We all croak in a world without frogs and toads!

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It’s almost Toad Time – time for the Endangered Leopard toads to use the roads to make their way to the breeding ponds in the Far South Peninsula. In the Fish Hoek Valley, the Silvermine Wetlands, Clovelly golf course and Sun Valley ponds are breeding hot spots.  Please drive with extra care especially at night when [...]

Step by Step: Audit for Environment Sustainability.

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Step by Step through an Audit for Environment Sustainability. ID the scope. Whose on your team? Background information to grow forward.

Garden Insects, Birds, Lizards & Co as Friends not Foe!

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Spotted Eagle Owl overdaying in my garden. As our cities expand so displaced urban wildlife struggles to adapt and our gardens become sanctuaries for birds, bats, toads, lizards, snakes, small mammals, and a myriad of insects. Gardening with Nature’s creatures is about a little less manicure and a new way of looking at creature’s [...]