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Plastic shopping bags – the CON in Convenient!

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Why is it so hard for retailers to do the right thing & provide 100% recyclable plastic shopping bags made from recycled plastic? So far only Checkers has!

Shopping bag survey supports ban of plastic bags

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As part of its Rethink the Bag initiative, the Two Oceans Aquarium ran a survey at a number of SPAR retailers in Cape Town.  Waste Reduction – Far South volunteers ran the survey on behalf of Two Oceans at the Valyland SPAR in Fish Hoek.  The results showed overwhelming support for re-useable shopping bags and a [...]

Recycle logos but shopping bags dumped! No to bags!

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Recycle messages on plastic shopping bags are misleading. Most are not recycled due to an additive. Stop buying bags. Help call to ban non recyclables.

What Plastics are Recyclable – look at polymer ID no!

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Now you CAN identify plastic packaging and avoid non-recyclable plastic. The Plastic Packaging industry introduced a Plastic / Polymer Identity Code to make it easier to identify plastics.