Are you in swing with the web of life?

Are you in swing with the web of life?

That human well-being on Earth is derived from the well being of our Planet is an essential truth that we need to acknowledge and act on.  Our lifestyles have significant  negative or alternatively small impacts on Earth depending on our choices. Many of the environmentally friendly choices are not even onerous – and the positive impact of more and more people choosing less energy, less water, less stuff and no harmful chemicals is accumulative.

So how Earth Cool are you?  Which of your lifestyle choices are reducing the Earth’s vitality and tipping the balance for you and future generations?  Rate yourself by completing the green calculator  below.  This survey is subjective but it is about your journey to a  sustainable, self sufficient and fulfilled existence. 

Give yourself 1 for considerable effort and 5 for no effort at all.  Give yourself a 1 for YES answers and 5 for a NO.  Have a look at the questions you have answered with a NO and think about the choices needed to make them a YES.


Total: How did you score – are you Earth Cool or a drag on the Planet?

Add up your score out of a maximum total of 190 points and a minimum total of 38




30- 60 score

Earth Cool

61- 90 scores

Green Voyager

91 – 150

Green Candidate

150 – 200 scores

Top Consumer

Your lifestyle is cool for the Earth.  Share your sustainable living tips with us at GAIA and with your community.  Consider offsetting the impacts you can’t reduce by planting trees and or getting involved with local sustainability initiatives.

You are doing well but have a way to go. Keep walking the path to sustainability.  Set yourself goals to tackle problem areas and challenge your family and friends to join you.  A sustainability audit will help you identify priorities.

You’re a heavyweight, but you have started the green journey.  A sustainability audit will give you direction and help identify your priorities.  Make the changes – it is likely to save you money and leave you feeling good too..

Help! If we all lived your lifestyle we would need 3 planets to sustain us.  But you completed this questionnaire – now that you are aware –set some green goals.  A sustainability audit will give you guidance. Going Green is easier than you think.


Dragging on the web!

Dragging down the web of life!

I scored 79. My biggest downfall is transport (my motor car) and not buying organic or Fair Trade goods.  With a score of 79 I am definitely well into the journey but still have a way to go.  I commit to cycling rather than driving to local destinations and to sourcing more organic, Fair Trade and environmentally friendly products.

KimK   July  2013